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To examine the question more deeply, however, suggests the presupposition of order. Since the questioner is asking a claim of truth, he is presupposing the governance of logic and reason, which are neither random nor chaotic.

Chaos, chance and money

By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Man wants to believe there is order because he's so scared of uncertainty. Report Post. Like Reply. Maximum words.

Posted by: spitzka. Like Reply Challenge. Aggregates behave differently Nano level manufacturing up to atomic level. Posted by: Smiling Report Post. Posted by: O. Z Report Post. Posted by: Noogah Report Post. Related Opinions If emphasis on if life is predetermined, would death become such a trivial thing that it becomes meaningless? Is the idea of Cthulhu plausible? Which religion is more likely to side with Israel and the Jews: Catholics yes or Protestants no?

Is man inherently good yes or evil no? Is free will possible? Do virginity pledges do more harm than good? Is the prison system for everyone?

The Irish Wolfhound Database

The insane? Could lives be cost by the so-called "Trojan Horse" of Science?

Order and Chaos Online Arena as tank part II + trollolo

We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. Henry short story Roads of Destiny. He sets out for the city and promptly loses his way, arriving at the intersection of two major roads with nary a clue as to what direction to take. Henry uses this device to tell three different tales of what would have happened had David gone down each of three different paths. While it would be sinful to give away too much more, it is not much of a spoiler to state that the story is an ode to determinacy; O.

Henry wants to establish the inevitability of destiny, as David is magnetically pulled towards exactly the same fate in each of the three scenarios. Tom Tykwer's "Run Lola Run" has a remarkably similar conceit. Lola needs to get a-hold of , marks the movie pre-dates the Euro by a couple of years in 20 minutes in order to save her boyfriend, Manni, from near-certain death at the hands of the bad guys.

What we receive is three alternative versions of those 20 minutes, event sequences starting out identically but diverging quickly into three different realities on the basis of Lola's trifling encounter with a dog on a stair. However, this is where all resemblances, coincidental or otherwise, between O. Henry and Tom Tykwer end. While O. Henry is interested in demonstrating the convergence of alternative realities to the same eventual fate, Tykwer is studying the exact opposite -- the exponentially fast divergence of realities from near-identical initial states.

Henry paints a world ruled by implacable classical determinism , unswayed by the idle efforts of human free will to distract it from its predetermined destination; Tykwer, on the other hand, thrives in a post-modern, chaotic universe swayed mightily by every flap of a butterfly's wings , held at ransom by the influential repercussions of the apparently inconsequential. As exciting as all this thematic structure may be, the real strength of "Run Lola Run" as a movie lies in the inventiveness of its storytelling.

The film is a visual marvel, right from its magnificent opening scene with an aerial shot of a crowd forming the movie title, to its clever use of film stock to separate the main characters from the rest, and interleaved photo montages of tens of pictures that are , naturally, worth tens of thousands of words.

Mazzoli Gallery - Taming Chaos

Oh, and if that is not enough, there are also freeze frames, jump cuts indebted to A Space Odyssey , and even some animation thrown into the ring. The techno soundtrack of the film is a perfect complement to the explosive energy of the visuals. Tom Tykwer, who is also a pretty accomplished musician, composes much of the music for the film, and has even contributed a song to one of the Matrix sequels. The song is better than the sequel, although that isn't saying much.

Franka Potente, who, as you might have guessed, spends a lot of time running through Berlin streets with flaming hair bobbing all over the place, did manage to retain enough of her breath to provide the vocals for the song accompanying most of her athletic pursuits. I suspect it likes to think that it poses deeper existential questions worthy of greater thought, steeped as the beginning segment is in rhetoric and T. Personally, I never quite figured out why the Eliot quote had that much to do with the rest of the movie.

Not that it affected my enjoyment of it in any way. As they say, the ball is round, and the movie lasts 81 minutes.


Anything else is merely hypothetical. Norman Swartz.

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Beautiful camera work, although the slow pace is not for everyone. Groundhog Day -- Bill Murray is caught in a different kind of time warp, having to live through the same day over and over again. Magnolia -- Paul Thomas Anderson's wildly energetic operatic story of coincidences and interlinking lives. Three Colors: Red Of all the directors who have garnered universal critical acclaim over the last twenty years, there is probably no one more revered than Krzysztof Kieslowski. Best known for his Decalogue cycle -- a set of ten short films dramatizing the Ten Commandments -- and the Three Colors trilogy, Kieslowski brings a unique filmmaking style to his stories, filling them with subtlety and understatement, requiring rigorous intellectual exercise on the part of the audience in order to understand the filmmaker's intentions.

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Consequently, sitting through a Kieslowski film can sometimes feel like a daunting exercise; the film's ending does not provide closure in itself, and instead requires us to ponder the events for ourselves to make sense of them. Three Colors: Red is probably the most accessible of Kieslowski's works and, as such, provides the most painless route into the "I've seen a Kieslowski movie" club.

Understanding what "Blue" has got to do with liberty, or "White" with equality, turns out to an exercise in itself; luckily, things are a lot more clear-cut in "Red" and it is easy enough to play "Spot the Fraternity" with the story. Can target and apply its debuff to spell immune units. Reality Rift Debuff: Dispellable with any dispel. Armageddon rides between the planes, bringing Chaos Knight to his victim wherever he may hide.