e-book Game Art Complete. All-in-One: Learn Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop Winning Techniques

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Game artists will be able to master the modeling, rendering, rigging, and texturing techniques they need - with advice from Focal's best and brightest authors. Artists can learn hundreds of tips, tricks and shortcuts in Max, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush - all within the covers of one complete, inspiring reference. The four cornerstone software packages for game art development all explained in one book - Photoshop, Maya, Max and Zbrush. Easy to follow steps with theory, explanations, and exercises. Toggle navigation Search.

Maya High Poly to Low Poly Tutorial - Game Ready Barrel (Maya, Photoshop)

Like site? I am following most releases from blender 2. I seems very laggy in contrast to 2. What is causing this?

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If you want truly compare 2. There is no point in talking about performance when almost every second day some performance improvements are taking place. I understand that, but at home I have a non 5K display and there is no problem, so I thought it could have something to do with that. You just have to wait. I wish I were able to use Blender 2. So at the moment our options are: 1. Wait 2. Get together your coding skills, try and help to fix some issues 3.

They are raw and hot! BTW A few things: The software is not optimized yet. Newer versions of OpenGL offer many new performance improving features. And it may take many years for Blender to move away from OpenGL.

Game art complete : all-in-one : learn Maya, 3ds Max, zBrush, and Photoshop winning techniques

Please do integrate VDB import for 2. Also, would there be a 2. To make blender work with high poly models. By this I mean, when you go into edit more, it a object has k polys, thats usually when it starts to slow down. Slower and slower opening and not to mention that you can feel it getting slower, where compared to maya, that can work with millions of polys. In addition, this would open the possibility of doing retopology much faster, ease with sculpting and moving objects from zbrush. Please update the Blender VSE.

It has serious issues, such as choppy playback when applying effects. I was advised that the VSE codebase is old and needs an overhaul and it is hard to find someone qualified enough to handle this. I use the Blender VSE regularly, but only for small projects. It would be nice to use it for larger projects.

EEVEE is amazing but useless for everyday usage of 3d modeling. I think that this is a more realistic goal for Blender — basic CAD, basic modeling and animation for indie game developers, etc. I still have the source code and even tried to fix some things. I think after a year everyday to study this soft, Blender is wanted not to be a threat for other paying software. I created a shortcut to add cursor in surface mode and 1 normal. Yes it can be a bomb, but as mika said its usage has some diffculties, like moving it accidentaly ecc.

Too many plugins are paid and some of them should be part of installation because are much important, the result is Blender is not REALLY free..

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So I think we colud apply some other business model , for example every user of some particular forum or community donate even one euro or dollar to Blender Foundation so they can integrate the paid plugin. Blender allows anyone to make plug-ins for Blender…If you want to make them free… make them free… if you think you can do better enough to sell them… then feel free to be reimbursed for your efforts… Want to donate to the development fund towards better features?

Blender is Blender … not maya, Houdini, substance painter, AutoCad…. You guys have been doing great so far… keep up the good work. Also eevee needs raytrace AO. Pretty much of freelancers are working in archviz in many countries and if they switch to blender — blender will be a new standart of archviz…. Please include the Manuel Bastioni Lab into the Blender core. Please join Manuel to your team. We need a very good tool for making humans.

The web's best game art and 3d modeling tutorials

It is essential to have such a tool in a 3D software. Most users need good quality avatars. Hello, Ton and the others, we need to create humans in an easy way. Something like that would be good, but there are licensing issues with the Manuel Bastioni Lab. The generated characters are CC-BY which is going to cause problems for almost anyone creating commercial content. The icons in the version of Nov. Please tell me the final release of 2. Limitation of size is a true handicap for development.

Any news on Vertex Color Alpha support? Vertex colors are an extremely good way of storing information to use within game engine and with its shaders…. Also what about cycles baking to vertex colors? Last time I tried development version of 2. I could have missed it though.. Support for baking into vertex colors is something that would be more than awesome to have. For sure! Baking material to vert colors [with Blender Internal] was a breeze and was my main reason for sadness in seeing BI go in 2.

In previous versions, a texture could be created in cycles by baking the material to an image then said texture baked to vert colors.

Product details

Are you trying to bring peope from Maya to blender or from Blender to Maya? The changes in the UI are Horrible!!! Sure, maya users will stay on maya — usually maya users are participators of dev.

It is useless for blender to try replace maya. And even blender will be super cool it is super cool big studios will not switch to blender. And this UI changes are disgusting — because for almost 7 years from 2. This stuff makes blender a super tool for some things mesh modeling, texturing, retopology, etc. Now with 2. New UI every 7 years is a big marketing mistake. With all the new features and gutting of the ones, why is this just a small jump in version and not be called Blender 3. So you have been brainwashed by Chrome, Firefox and all other commercial software that you need to put big numbers for even if just a letter has been changed?

There were times when version numbers meant something.

Textures & Backgrounds in the Library

Currently they are a complete nonsense in a lot of the popular software. There was a time when x. Change meant small incremental changes and bug fixes. These days version Change. You cannot easily distinguish when major new features were introduced because there are so many big numbers, which is impossible to remember. Blender might have reached version 70 by now.

To summarize the point of the above firman: Stop caring about numbers and markings and better care about features, usability and stability.

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  6. A gear modifier would be cool. If you have multiple gear objects, and you could spin them all correctly according to a slider in the modifier, THAT would be cool. Just a thought. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope you surpass expectations. By the way, I was wondering what kind of specs are you aiming at with Blender 2. I am asking because I tried using it with an Epson PC that uses an Intel Core iM internal graphics and Windows 7 32 bit, out of curiosity to see how low can it go.

    Please disregard my previous query.