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Upon seeing Cassius, Caesar tells Antony that he deeply distrusts Cassius. Caesar departs, and another politician, Casca, tells Brutus and Cassius that, during the celebration, Antony offered the crown to Caesar three times and the people cheered, but Caesar refused it each time. That night, Rome is plagued with violent weather and a variety of bad omens and portents.

Brutus finds letters in his house apparently written by Roman citizens worried that Caesar has become too powerful.

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A committed supporter of the republic, Brutus fears the possibility of a dictator-led empire, worrying that the populace would lose its voice. The men agree to lure Caesar from his house and kill him.


Cassius wants to kill Antony too, for Antony will surely try to hinder their plans, but Brutus disagrees, believing that too many deaths will render their plot too bloody and dishonor them. Having agreed to spare Antony, the conspirators depart. She pleads with him to confide in her, but he rebuffs her. Caesar prepares to go to the Senate.

His wife, Calpurnia, begs him not to go, describing recent nightmares she has had in which a statue of Caesar streamed with blood and smiling men bathed their hands in the blood. Caesar refuses to yield to fear and insists on going about his daily business. Finally, Calpurnia convinces him to stay home—if not out of caution, then as a favor to her. But Decius, one of the conspirators, then arrives and convinces Caesar that Calpurnia has misinterpreted her dreams and the recent omens. Caesar departs for the Senate in the company of the conspirators.

Julius Caesar

As Caesar proceeds through the streets toward the Senate, the Soothsayer again tries but fails to get his attention. The citizen Artemidorus hands him a letter warning him about the conspirators, but Caesar refuses to read it, saying that his closest personal concerns are his last priority.

At the Senate, the conspirators speak to Caesar, bowing at his feet and encircling him. One by one, they stab him to death. When Caesar sees his dear friend Brutus among his murderers, he gives up his struggle and dies. He shakes hands with the conspirators, thus marking them all as guilty while appearing to make a gesture of conciliation.

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When Antony asks why they killed Caesar, Brutus replies that he will explain their purpose in a funeral oration. Antony asks to be allowed to speak over the body as well; Brutus grants his permission, though Cassius remains suspicious of Antony. Brutus and Cassius go to the Forum to speak to the public.

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  8. Cassius exits to address another part of the crowd. The speech placates the crowd. The crowd becomes enraged that this generous man lies dead; calling Brutus and Cassius traitors, the masses set off to drive them from the city. They prepare to fight Cassius and Brutus, who have been driven into exile and are raising armies outside the city.

    Brutus reveals that he is sick with grief, for in his absence Portia has killed herself. Now, Bulgari is on board to see the project through. But a big question remains: What will happen to all the cats—which we assume are the reincarnations of the Roman senators who conspired against Caesar—once the Largo di Torre Argentina is refurbished? Luckily, cat colony volunteers who care for the felines already have an answer.

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