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A Step by Step Guide to Making a Million Dollars
  1. How to Become A Millionaire - 5 Steps to Becoming Wealthy
  2. The 7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire
  3. The Millionaire Mindset – 5 Traits All Millionaires Share
  4. 2. Invest at Least 80 Percent of Your "Off" Time Into Learning

With careful planning, patience, smart savings and investment plans, and keeping a tight reign on spending above your means, it is possible to make a million dollars. Whether you reach the one million mark or not, the need to save more for retirement is crucial. So, let's look at some of the options for building that million you need to retire in style. As you'll note, the best way to do this is to start as early in your career as possible.

As you get older, you will need to save more to reach that million-dollar goal. This may be good news for homeowners, but if you need access to money fast, or you are trying to put away millions for your retirement, homeownership may not be the best route. For example, listed homes and other property can take anywhere from two weeks to more than a year to sell, and high prime interest rates typically make selling more difficult. In February , the most recent figure available, the prime interest rate was 5. In , the household savings rate averaged a meager 2. In , according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development— it was 5.

In December , the most recent figure available, the household savings was 7. Perhaps the Great Recession increased the savings rate slightly from before, but it's still not much. Is this because Americans are putting too much of their savings into their homes or are we just bad at saving money?

How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years - Daniel Ally - TEDxBergenCommunityCollege

Whatever the answer, the point is that you can't rely on your home to provide for your future; you need other assets and those will likely come from savings unless you win the lottery. Exactly how much should you save annually for your retirement? These are perhaps the best savings vehicles for most of the working population. You need to take advantage of your company plan if one is available. Individual retirement accounts are available to those individuals with qualified compensation.

However, if your income level qualifies, you can receive a tax deduction for contributions to your traditional IRA. The SIMPLE IRA is a tax-favored retirement plan that certain small employers including self-employed individuals can set up for the benefit of themselves and their employees. SEP IRAs are plans that can be established by the self-employed or those who have a few employees in a small business.

These allow you to invest additional funds after you have maximized all of your retirement account options. Brokerage cash accounts can also serve as good savings vehicles for a particular goal, such as a home or boat. Be aware, you'll need to pay taxes on the income generated in these accounts in the year that you receive it. Now that you know about some of the powerful savings tools, where do you get the extra cash to invest? The first place to start is your budget. Can you cut back on your dining out? Do you really need that manicure once a week?

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Can you save money on your current insurance? Try shopping around for other carriers for better rates. Do you really need permanent life insurance whole or universal life when you could be saving hundreds with term insurance?

How to Become A Millionaire - 5 Steps to Becoming Wealthy

Even those who have high incomes are not truly wealthy. Most people's lifestyles match their incomes. When they make more, they consume more.

In fact, most people make money solely to consume. It's best to think of your business as only half of your income equation. You have your business which brings income. Then, you have your investment entity to turn your income into even more money. Like anything, how well you manage your money is determined by how well mentored you are. If you want to become brilliant with money, invest in education and mentoring.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The best time to start investing was also in the past. If you haven't started yet, don't sit and wallow in regret. Tomorrow doesn't exist for people who don't do something today. Start today. Get yourself educated.

Create a vehicle, or several vehicles, where you put at least 10 percent of your income. Eventually, your investment vehicle may even start producing more profits for you than your actual business. Compound interest is a real thing. If you put 10 percent of your income into your investments over a long enough period of time, you'll be set.

Unlike the majority of high earners out there, you'll be able to stop working whenever you want, because your money is making more than enough for you to comfortably live on. However, once you become more consciously awake to the world, your desire will shift from merely receiving to giving. You'll realize that it's actually far more satisfying to give than to get. Moreover, you'll be driven by a cause you fully believe in. When your motivation is to give, you'll often get insights about how you can improve your relationships. Random thoughts will pop into you head to send "Thank you" notes to various people.

You'll start contributing more, which will lead to far more opportunities and deeper relationships. People will come to love and trust you.

The 7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire

Your work will be motivated by a higher cause, and thus will be far more inspired and impactful. The truth is, everyone is highly dependent on other people to do what they do. But it takes wisdom and humility to openly acknowledge that dependence. Rather than seeing it as a weakness, realize that it's a strength. Beyond acknowledging your dependence, constantly express your appreciation to the people in your life. That which you appreciate, appreciates. Relationships are assets that can and should grow bigger and better over time. If you don't appreciate and give to your relationships, your relationships will suffer.

All relationships are like bank accounts, and if one person is constantly depositing and the other person is constantly withdrawing, eventually all of the resources become depleted.

The Millionaire Mindset – 5 Traits All Millionaires Share

When two people are continually giving and receiving, the relational bank account continues to grow and expand, providing several intended and unintended benefits. For example, I was recently at the gym with my brother. At the beginning of the workout, he was struggling mentally.

He wasn't adding to my energy and helping my workout become better than if I was alone.

Instead, he was sucking my energy and causing me to exert more energy and effort than if I was alone. I made him aware of what was happening, and he immediately shifted his emotional posture. He realized how dramatically his mood was affecting me. His motivation shifted from consuming an experience to creating something great.

Our shared mental state heightened, taking us into group flow. Our workout become far superior to anything I could create on my own. Not only that, but we began to engage in inspired conversation. This led to brilliant insights and connections that were relevant to the book I'm writing. The amazing workout was the intended outcome of our synergy. The insights for my book were unintended benefits. This can only happen when both parties are actively giving and receiving from the relationship.

Where both are focusing on creating rather than consuming.

2. Invest at Least 80 Percent of Your "Off" Time Into Learning

Where both have the primary motivation of helping the other person succeed. Competition is focused on the self. It's also very low-level thinking, because what you can do on your own is very limited. People who are competing are grinding. They're more focused on winning than creating real solutions.

However, when your thinking becomes expanded, you realize you could do so much more with other people. Collaboration creates unique connections working by yourself never could.