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  1. The Silver Siren (Iron Butterfly #3) Page 10
  2. The Silver Siren Volume 3 (the Iron Butterfly) Hahn Chanda 0996104801
  3. ISBN 13: 9780996104807
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The Silver Siren (Iron Butterfly #3) Page 10

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The Silver Siren Volume 3 (the Iron Butterfly) Hahn Chanda 0996104801

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ISBN 13: 9780996104807

I crawled forward off of Kael. Strong hands gripped me under my arms and yanked.

He twisted, turned, and tried to get his feet under him. I could see the terror in his eyes, but the canyon was impossibly narrow and perfect for an ambush.

A similar brush of cold steel touched my neck. I froze.

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I turned to look at the man clothed in black. His pants, shirt, and boots were black. His face was covered by a black mask as well. I could see a bandolier of weapons, but even the silver of the weapons were painted a matte black to keep them from glinting in the sun. Four more silhouettes of black stood behind him. I turned my head and followed the knife at my throat up the arm to my own attacker. He was smaller than the others by a good ten inches, and I stared up at the mask. I was surprised at how much hate radiated out of those very feminine brown eyes.

The Iron Butterfly, no. 3

My captor was female. Her knife disappeared into the folds of her clothes and her hands gripped my forearm painfully. I knew better than to fight until Kael had given me an all-clear signal. I glanced over to Faraway and studied his legs and muscles for injuries. He limped a little and had a few cuts and scrapes but he appeared fine otherwise. It takes more than a fall to take me down, he said. Kael and the man spoke quietly with each other. I could see the stranger cast furtive glances over at me and shake his head furiously.

His body stiffened, his face deadpanned, and he barely moved. Yes, it is against clan laws for outsiders to come to the sanctuary. The one that Kael is talking to seems to be his brother. The woman holding my arm called out to them in a foreign tongue. An ancient tongue.

I could only recognize a few words. What Kael did is punishable by death. Faraway answered back.

Chapter 9 Everything became crisp, clear, finite—the sounds of SwordBrothers closing in around me, knives being unsheathed and raised.