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  1. What is Self-harm?
  2. Wounding the Body in the Hope of Healing the Spirit: Responding to Adolescents Who Self-Injure
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The rush of adrenaline of these positive behaviors has been known to produce the similar chemical surge that comes from self-injury. As you try to interrupt your self-harming behaviors, know that it may not come as easily some days as others. Should you find that you've lapsed into self-harming, remind yourself that change is a process. Learn to forgive and be kind to yourself as you start anew. If you know someone who may be self-injuring, offer support and try not to shame or criticize the NSSI behavior. Self-injury behaviors can be successfully treated, so help your friend or family member by encouraging them to seek help.

Remember that having an urge to self-harm is not the same as actually self-harming. If you can distract yourself from self-injury, you are well on your way to recovery. However, if the urges win out, not allowing you to reduce your self-harm behaviors, consider working with a professional therapist. Froeschle, J. Just cut it out: Legal and ethical challenges in counseling students who self-mutilate.

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Professional School Counseling. Kress White, V. Self-injurious behaviors: Assessment and diagnosis. Lee, Y. Direct and indirect effects of the temperament and character on Alexithymia: A pathway analysis with mood and anxiety. Comprehensive Psychiatry , 51 2 , Levenkron, S. Cutting: Understanding and overcoming self-mutilation. New York: W. Im a 41 year old single male. Aftr i returnd from hospital i took a break went more oftn to see my counselor n got bak in2 my art work n journaling.

The past month or so i have been feeling an overwhelming sense of sexual frustration or lack of intamcy In our entire we are mainly sustained to different types of injuries and we need to carry on with those types of injuries. Among these some are physical, mental and psychological injuries which can't be treated in a biological manner. It needs a psychological treatment and so that we should be more enough to carry with these types of diseases and try to prevent them. I've been cutting myself since I was 17, now I'm I'm seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist and taking meds, I've been fighting with depression and anxiety for almost all my life.

The thing is, that I like to cut myself, I like my scars, I like the way the blood shows up every time I use a broken glass to hurt myself Why does it have to be wrong? I don't see anything bad or wrong about it. I wonder these same things. I understand that it hurts other people if they know, but if it's hidden and it doesn't affect our lives in any other way, why do we need to change? I've stopped before. I know how to live without it, but I want to do it.

I think about it more and the desire to cut lasts longer than it would to just give in and do it.

What is Self-harm?

I haven't really seen any legitimate reason why I should use other people's coping mechanisms apart from it making people more comfortable. I'm glad I'm not the only adult who feels this way. There are a host of many more self harms. Self harm is prevalent in our society. For instance, all who smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs are self harming.

There are no safe limits for any of these substances. As for alcohol, it takes at least 16 years after a person consumes their last glass, regardless of how little or how much you have consumed prior in your life, for the statistical outcomes of cancer to begin to meet those of the never drinkers. Since alcohol is highly carcinogenic, it is self harm to ever consume. Ditto for cigarettes or street drugs.

Many times even using pain killers or other pharmaceuticals is self harming, as well.

How can I fight my self-harm urges?? #katiFAQ Mental Health Help with Kati Morton - Kati Morton

But inevitably, consuming poor diets, such as those filled with fast food, restaurant foods, high fat foods, high meat diets, and few to no vegetables is also self harm. Much of what people do for a living is self harm, and indeed, harmful to others. Pesticides, for instance, are hormone disruptors and cause so much more harm to the world we live in, and the people who live in it, and if you are fully educated in natural farming, you learn they are utterly unnecessary, also. All modern birth control methods are highly harmful. Much more so for women are being diagnosed with non HPV caused cervical and endometrial cancers thanks to the use of latex gloves in medicine and condoms, spermicides, IUDs, and diaphragms.

Prior to modern birth control, people used withdrawl and a host of other natural methods which didn't include additional items, just timing and methods for intimacy that didn't lead to having children, which are still in practice today but people don't think it through and erroneously believe without these modern conveniences, that controlling one's family size without abstinence would be impossible.

Wounding the Body in the Hope of Healing the Spirit: Responding to Adolescents Who Self-Injure

The birth control pill has done more harm to human beings and the environment than ever before in history, being that it feminizes males in every species, including our own, and doesn't break down, can't be filtered from the drinking water, is now in detectable levels in the rain waters, being found in soil samples worldwide If people are doing other, physically oriented forms of self harm, well, guess what?

They only took it one step further than the rest of us ignorantly do! Self harm isn't something that you can control once your start its so hard to stop.

I started because I couldn't stand the emotional pain and abuse I went through. Now I can't stop.

Women and Self Harm: Understanding, Coping and Healing from Self-Mutilation - CRC Press Book

I don't want to. Everyone thinks I've stopped but I haven't I've just gotten better at hiding it. I don't know what to do anymore. I've already been to a mental hospital and I really don't care if I go back to it. I'm lost. Snapping an elastic on your wrist, thinking nice thoughts and hugging teddy bears isn't going to help you when you are in that space where you are so desperate that you simply turn to something that you can just focus on and let all that hectic emotion out.

If there is genuinely a way to deal with that I'd love to hear it. I used to beat my arms and thighs black - so much so that my left arm no longer bruises at all. Talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy CBT focus on building coping strategies and problem-solving skills and have been found to be very effective in helping to reduce self-harm [21].

Getting help to feel better (treatment)

Other forms of counselling, like psychodynamic therapy, for instance, will help you to identify the problems that are causing you distress and leading you to self-harm [22]. It is important that you talk to your GP or a trusted health professional who will help decide the best treatment option for you. There are also a number of charities and self-help groups throughout the UK that can support you through this experience. People who have self-harmed have said that it can be helpful to hear from other young people who have experienced self-harm.

More information about these sources of support is available at the end of this booklet. I feel a lot more confident. I felt that, without them knowing, I was being held back. I no longer feel ashamed as I know people are supporting me. The problems that are causing you to self-harm can, with help and support, become more manageable over time or even go away.

Things can and do get better! Take time and be patient with yourself. Start to learn how to care for yourself. Young people who have recovered from self-harm say that changes over time and changes in circumstances in life for example moving home, changing schools, finishing exams, going to university, changing jobs or changed financial circumstances helped them to recover.

Others explained that recovery was about finding new coping strategies and more helpful ways of dealing with emotions or distress. This is also an important factor towards recovery from self-harm. It dawned on me that continually harming myself was not allowing me to grow; it was just proving that I was still here and I could feel. Asking for help and having support is very important if you are trying to stop self-harming.

It is important that you do this when you feel ready to talk about it. Talking to someone is what is important.